If you are a avid Chukar hunter, hunting the I.O.N. (Idaho, Oregon, Nevada) area, chances are you have used one of these shotgun choices.  Here are 5 great pumps and 5 great automatics you can use to put the bandits in the bag.

1) Winchester/Browning model 12- In 16, 20 & 28 this one is a thing of beauty, with 7 shells!

2) Remington 1100-A smooth and soft kicking gas operated gun since 1963, the best selling auto.

3) Ithaca model 37- Browning’s design of wood & steel weighs around 6lbs in 20 gauge, less in 28.

4) Remington 870- 10 million made says it all.  A tough pump.

5) Browning- A-5- John Browning’s first auto ruled the 1st half of the 20th century.

6) Beretta Al-391- 12 or 20 gauge, too many good choices!

7) Browning BPS- pick a gauge,  .410 if you like a challenge. It’s great for lefty’s too! Bottom ejection.

8) Benelli SBE II- 12 gauge but it sure handles like a 20!

9) Franchi Al-48 20 or 28 gauge, feather light auto,  an updated A-5.

10) Benelli Nova-12 or 20 gauge, cheap and tough. It’s a great first pump!

OK first of all, there are really too many choices to choose just 10.  So before all of you over/under & double guys start getting buckets of tar and bags of chukar feathers, let me tell you why I excluded your favorite gun.  Simply put, you only have 2 shots and a guy with a model 12 has 7.  I don’t feel like climbing 3000′  to shoot twice and helplessly watch the rest fly away untouched.  Also, those beauties would get scratched or dented and make you all cry. If you want to use grandpa’s model 21 or a new AyA, maybe you better hunt farm chukars on flat ground.


Ok, ok, ok.  I’ve recommitted to write this blog and to writing in general every single day.   Nothing seems like a better topic at this point than taking a look at the scale and seriously evaluating whether we can handle the elevation fluctuation that is Chukar Hunting.   If you go somewhere in the Owyhees, where we typically hunt, you can expect the Chukars to hang out at the base of the rock outcroppings so they can easily spot predators from the bottom of the hill and are protected in their rear.   Depending on the weather, they will make their way to their water source in the morning and evening, and so if you’re lucky enough to find them in transition then you won’t have to get to the top to get a shot.  However, if you shoot like I do that could disperse a covey everywhere and you will be in for a lot of hiking.   My brother, the reigning Chukar Classic champion has always said, get high, early and you will have a better chance at birds.   He’s probably correct, since he has won 70% of our contests.   It probably also should be noted that he is a lean 170 lbs, whereas I’m packing between a 1st grader and a 4th grader on my body at any given time.

The years where the competition have been the most fierce have been when I was much lighter, so without further adieu; here is a great video on getting in shape for the most difficult bird hunting in the world, Chukar Hunting.

Credit to: OFF GRID 1.3 with Kenton Clairmont SOLO HUNTER Tim Burnett Train to Hunt Workout.  Checkout their training at www.traintohunt.com


Leslie Gulch Cabin For Sale

Leslie Gulch Cabin for Sale.

That’s all I really wanted to say. I’m kind of a chukar moron.


I wanted to see what was out there.  There were some pretty good videos, like this one that represented what Chukar hunting is all about:

Then there were some videos featuring what we like to call F-CHUKS or “Farm-Chukars.” Like this one:

These guys are still decent shots, but any serious chukar hunter knows that being a good shot is not even half the game of hunting chukar in the uplands.

getting moving

Spoke to my brothers about starting to write content for this thing.  They are both avid Chukar killers, so it should be good.  I am surprised by how much organic growth is connected to this topic.  I had around 30 users that wanted to join a fan page for this on Facebook.  Ridiculous.

So, a few of us got together to form the Chukar Society.  Come often or subscribe, as we will keep you posted on new events, equipment, etc.